ONE NET, MANY BOATS - Divine Patterns for the End Times Ekklesia

The Ekklesia is not just called to win the lost. It has been raised up by God to transform nations from grassroots to Government. “One Net, Many Boats” is an in depth study of the potential of the end times Ekklesia. It contains blueprints for revival at personal, corporate, and national levels, and the role of the Ekklesia as a vehicle to enable this is examined in detail.

21st century paradigms such as apostolic centers, hubs and networks, as well as Kingdom worship and resource centers are explored; as are the relationships between the transformation of individuals, Ekklesias, spheres of society, and nations. It documents working examples of the concepts that are discussed. The book is filled with testimonies of Heavenly encounters and of meetings filled with miraculous fruit that spills over into the surrounding regions.

ONE NET, MANY BOATS - (eBook/Paperback from Amazon)

Kingdom Principles

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