Diploma of Kingdom Advancement

Implementing Global Influencers principles in your own life will activate your vision, mission, metron, and ministry; strengthen the Body of Christ and the connections between Ekklesias and networks of Ekklesias; and transform your nation from grassroots to government.

$AUD (to be confirmed) per Semester
  • Semester 1 - Heavenly & Earthly Paradigms
  • Semester 2 - Your Place in God’s Plan
  • Semester 3 - Transforming Nations
  • Semester 4 - Kingdom Enterprise & Economics

Diploma of Supernatural Discipleship

SSDS focuses on developing the inward call through understanding how to form Christlike, supernatural character. This is vital for the success of our outward call, which requires complete inward surrender.

$AUD (to be confirmed) per Semester
  • Semester 1 - Foundations
  • Semester 2 - Prayer & Prophecy
  • Semester 3 - Worship
  • Semester 4 - Leadership

When a semester or course, including assessments, has been completed and passed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Kingdom Principles

Be equipped and empowered. Activate your vision, mission, metron, and ministry.


Global Influencers

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