Prayer & Prophecy

Guidelines for Prophetic Ministry
Our aim for everyone who completes this course is that you will become
a more effective Spirit, Truth and Love-led vessel for revealing Jesus by learning :-

The difference between Charismata and Domata Spiritual Gifts
The equipping role of New Testament Prophets
The differences between Old Testament and New Testament Prophecy
The difference between words of Wisdom, Knowledge and Prophecy (domata/charismata)
How to Validate Spiritual Experiences by applying Scriptural tests
60 Ways to Hear from God as Recorded in Scripture
How to Correctly Understand and Apply Prophetic Revelation
Comprehensive and Practical Guidelines for Prophetic Ministry

At the end of the course, you will have the solid Scriptural foundation that will allow you

to minister prophetically in a way that is sensitive, accurate, and glorifying to Almighty God.

Praying in the Spirit and With Understanding
The Risen Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saints,
but His Holy Spirit is within the saints making intercession for them and through them.

Praying in our spirit language brings the mind of Christ from the depth of the Spirit within

and illuminates our understanding enabling us to think and act according to God’s will and purposes.

The Importance of Praying the Bible 01 and 02
This is the way that the ancients prayed – and when we pray the Bible in the Spirit and with understanding
we are aligning our words with the Words of God that uphold the universe (Hebrews 1:3).

Subjects include :-
The Power of the Spoken Word that Aligns with God’s Eternal Word
Praying the Names of God / The LORDs Prayer Expanded
The Apostolic Prayers / 24-7 Prayer Timeline
Every Prayer in the Bible / God Sent His Word
– and more