S05 – WORSHIP 01 – Worship Metaphysics / Holy of Holies

S06-WORSHIP 01 – Worship Metaphysics
& Moving into the Holy of Holies

13-Worship Metaphysics 01
Your Worship is Received in Heaven
The Word of God is a sound that creates and sustains everything
Logos Matter
God’s Word is Spirit and contains the very essence of Life and Truth
The Word of God is the ultimate sound – absolute and transformational
The Glory Light
Sound and Light Spectrum
The spoken Word of God produces healing
All of creation worships God through sound
Taken Into Glory
God sings over us
Our Bodies are Symphony Orchestras
You are a Song
When Heaven and Earth are connected through worship, Divine power is released
Wait for the Sound
God is in our midst as we worship Him
Spiritual Warfare through Unified Praise

14-Moving into the Holy of Holies 01
His Perfect Will
Milk, Bread and Meat

15-Moving Into the Holy of Holies 02
The LORD is the Stronghold of my Life
The Prophet’s Habitat
1st Hand Revelation
Revelation of the Father