S06 – WORSHIP 02 – Harp & Bowl

S06 – WORSHIP 02 – Harp & Bowl
16 – Harp and Bowl Foundations 01

What is the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David?
David’s Commitment to Worship and Intercession
Why Did David Put Singers Before the Ark ?
The Tabernacle of David and Revival
Night and Day Prayer is a Heavenly Pattern

17 – Harp and Bowl Foundations 02
Throne Room Foundations of Harp and Bowl
 Worship With the Element of Intercession Present in its Dynamic
Interactive Relationship Between Speaking and Singing
Singers with Intercessors in One Flow
Interaction Between Antiphonal Choirs
Interaction Between Singing with Understanding and With the SpiritWhat are the Benefits of Antiphonal Singing ?
What are the Benefits of Praying the Scriptures ?

18 – Harp and Bowl Applications
18a – Harp and Bowl Guide – Psalm 96:1