Most of these courses can be taught in-house, and customised according to the needs of your churches and/or teams.

Worship Metaphysics
Worship Metaphysics explores in great depth, the supernatural dimensions of the sounds that emanate from the Throne Room of Glory as the Word of God; examines the miraculous properties of those Divine sounds;  and looks at the relationship of the Heavenly sound of God’s voice to supernatural worship, healing, and transformation.

Moving Into the Holy of Holies Parts 1 and 2
To move into the Holy of Holies is to move into the open Heaven, into the realm of the Spirit, the supernatural, the miraculous, the realm of angels, and into the immeasurable dimensions of God. These sessions take an in-depth look at the journey into the  Holy of Holies through worship, and the dynamic supernatural fruit that is released as a result of that journey.

Harp and Bowl Worship
This unit explores Harp and Bowl worship, which seeks to worship on Earth as it is in Heaven (Revelation 5:8). We cover the following subjects :-

Throne Room Foundations of Harp and Bowl
Worship With the Element of Intercession Present in its Dynamic

What is the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David?
The Tabernacle of David and Revival
Night and Day Prayer is a Heavenly Pattern

– and much more.

On the practical side, we cover the following Heavenly patterns and how to apply them in worship :-

Interactive Relationship Between Speaking and Singing
Singers with Intercessors in One Flow
Interaction Between Antiphonal Choirs
Interaction Between Singing with Understanding and in the Spirit
What are the Benefits of Praying and Singing the Scriptures
– and more.
Plus – We include a harp and bowl guide based on Psalm 96.

Godly, Anointed, and Effective Musicianship For Worshippers
This unit covers the practics of Godly, anointed, and effective musicianship for worshippers,
and is an essential course for every worship team pastor, leader, member and aspiring member.

Topics include :-

Key elements of music / Dynamics / Musical excellence
The Worship Team / The Art of Musical Arrangement & Styles
Expand your Knowledge – Patterns, Musical Tempos, Antiphonal Singing
Form in Worship / Playing the Attributes of God
Voices like Many Waters and Thunder
Spatial Placement and Shaping of Sound
Excellence :-
(i) In Preparation (ii) In Worship (iii) In Training and Organisation
The Song of the LORD, New Song, Prophetic Song
The Song of Moses and of the Lamb
Examples of Suitable Chord Progressions For Prophetic/Free Worship

– and more