Our Culture

Global Influencers is a global community that is joined together in agape love
and growing through the truth of God’s Word and the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Our network consists of highly qualified individuals and organisations who freely give their
time, voice, influence and resources with a view to bringing about positive and lasting change
at every level of society for the benefit of all people, particularly those who are disadvantaged.

Our Vision

  1. Restore Kingdom culture from grassroots to government
    in the villages, cities, regions, and nations of the world (Matthew 6:10)
  2. Build a vibrant, agape-filled, Christ-centred, and Holy Spirit led global network
    of inter-connected communities, that makes Kingdom hearted and Kingdom minded disciples. (Acts 2:42-47)
  3. Eliminate generationally entrenched poverty in all its forms through applied agape love, consisting
    of strategic application of Kingdom principles, and generous distribution of Kingdom resources. (Luke 4:18-19)
  4. Work with your local Kingdom community to equip you to fulfil your own God-given vision. (Zephaniah 3:9)

Training and Equipping

Two streams of study are offered. The Global Influencers stream is designed to equip and empower you
to change the culture from the inside out; so that people of every tribe, nation, and tongue are given
the opportunity to prosper spiritually, economically, and in every sphere of life.

The SSDS stream focuses on developing the inward call.
This is vital for the success of our outward call, which requires complete inward surrender.


Our network consists of local assemblies, prayer teams, schools (grade education, ministry, Kingdom business),
and leaders of influence (sphere leaders).

The leaders of Global Influencers are innovators, forerunners, and people of influence within their spheres.
Sphere leaders and sphere partners are highly connected with God; interconnected with other people
and organisations of influence; and involved in the building of strategic foundations for the transformation
of nations from grassroots to Government.

We are pleased to introduce our sphere leaders and sphere partners to you.

Sphere Leaders

Apostolic, Prophetic, Teaching


Steve Harris

Mountains – Spirituality, Government and Economics

Steve Harris is the founder of Global Influencers. He has worshipped with ministers such as Ron Kenoly, ​Pastor Benny Hinn, and Olivia McClurkin. He has taught the Word of God in many nations ​of the world, with souls, healing, deliverance and ​creative miracles accompanying the message.

Steve has established mercy ministries in developing nations, ​constructing wells, computer & sewing schools, and safe houses ​for women and children at risk.

Steve has management experience in Information Technology,​ Quality Management, and Information Security.

Economics, Government, Teaching


Thomas Diroma Abe

Mountains – Spirituality, Government and Economics

Thomas is the founding Chairman and Senior Leader of Gamogagolo ​Worship and Ministry Centre (GWMC), Rigo District, Central Province, ​Papua New Guinea (PNG). The non-denominational GWMC is an apostolic hub, ​was established in January 2019, and is run by Thomas and his wife, Barana.

Thomas is the senior teacher and evangelist at GWMC. He is also one of the main facilitators of Global Influencers Kingdom Leadership Seminars in PNG. He has spent 29 years in leadership in various government and semi-government sectors. 14 of those years were as CEO of a number of State-Owned Entities.

Thomas also engages in freelance consultancy work.



Mrs. Barana Abe

Mountains – Spirituality and Family

Barana Abe is co-founder of Gamogagolo Worship and Ministry Centre (GWMC) and supports ​her husband, Thomas, in the running of the Centre. She is the overall leader of the women ​and a senior intercessory leader and a member of the weekly intercessory meeting at the Centre.

She is also a Bible teacher and speaker, Kingdom Leadership Seminar organiser, ​and manages small businesses.

Sphere Partners



Joseph Gabut

Mountains – Spirituality and Government

Joseph is an inspiration to all who know him. He is well known and well respected and loved at every level of society in his home nation of Papua New Guinea, and in the other nations where he has lived.

He has served his nation at the highest levels of Government with national and international postings, and as a senior public servant,
over many decades. He has also served as a high-level business consultant and as a Government advisor.

As well as the above, he currently mentors the next generation of emerging leaders within the Body of Christ, helping them to develop their integrity and character, and encouraging them to expand their spheres of influence by working together with other communities.

Business & Teaching


Glen & Anna Gerhauser

Mountains – Spirituality and Family

Glen Gerhauser is originally from New York City.

He graduated from Hofstra University with High Honors in Business Management and then studied ministry at Brownsville, Pensacola during the revival that was centred there and impacted the world.

Glen has the heart of a revivalist and is a brilliant teacher of the Word.

Anna has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and a Graduate Diploma in Film & TV. She is a gifted worship leader and psalmist.

Glen and Anna established the Holy Fire Ministry Training School in Brisbane, Australia in 2003. It is regarded as one of the leading interdenominational ministry training schools in Brisbane and has produced numerous pastors and leaders who serve throughout Brisbane and Australia. (www.holyfireschool.com)

Glen & Anna are also the proud parents of four beautiful children.



Troy Schoenfisch

Mountains – Economics

Troy Schoenfisch is a success strategist, helping businesses and not for profit organisations develop and implement high-growth strategies and secure funding to achieve their goals.

Troy has designed and managed multi-million dollar projects in tech development, innovation and public benefit organisations, guiding business owners to significantly increase their profits and have a positive impact on the world around them.

Recognised as an Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and a Young Australian of the Year nominee, Troy is currently travelling the world, utilising his tailored processes to benefit projects throughout Europe, Asia & Africa while maintaining his ongoing work with innovative, high growth businesses.

Troy is the founder of Crescendo Strategy.

Our vision is to transform nations
from grassroots to Government
according to Kingdom Principles.

At Global Influencers, we provide:

(John 14:12, 3 John 1:2-4)

(II Timothy 2:2)

Opportunities for Activation, Mission & Commission
(Psalm 96:3,6, Matthew 23:37-39, Matthew 24:14)

Regardless of your call, there is a role for you within our community.

Kingdom Principles

Be equipped and empowered. Activate your vision, mission, metron, and ministry.


Global Influencers

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Morningside QLD 4170