Global influencers “is” - a Divine strategy for the 21st century that has a role for every committed disciple of Christ to fulfil.

Global Influencers “are” - forerunners and people of influence within their spheres. Sphere leaders and sphere partners are highly connected with God; interconnected with other people and organisations of influence, and continually laying strategic foundations for the transformation of nations from grassroots to Government.

We are pleased to introduce our sphere leaders and sphere partners to you.

Sphere Leaders

Apostolic, Prophetic, Teaching

Steve Harris

Mountains – Spirituality, Government and Economics

Economics, Government, Teaching

Thomas Diroma Abe

Mountains – Spirituality, Government and Economics


Barana Abe

Mountains – Spirituality and Family

Intercession & Prophetic

Brenda Clark

Mountains – Spirituality and Family

Sphere Partners

Strategic & Intercession

Joseph Gabut

Mountains – Spirituality and Government

Isaac Joseph

Mountains – Spirituality and Government

Worship & Intercession

Lia Fisher

Mountains – Spirituality and Family

Worship & Teaching

Kat van Hoesel

Mountains – Spirituality and Family


Troy Schoenfisch

Mountains – Economics

Our vision and our call are to transform nations
from grassroots to Government
according to Kingdom Principles.

Worship is at the heart of all that we do.

At Global Influencers, we provide:

(John 14:12, 3 John 1:2-4)

(II Timothy 2:2)

Opportunities for Activation, Mission & Commission
(Psalm 96:3,6, Matthew 23:37-39, Matthew 24:14)

Regardless of your call, there is a role for you within our community.

Kingdom Principles

Be equipped and empowered. Activate your vision, mission, metron, and ministry.


Global Influencers

PO Box 308

Morningside QLD 4170