Our network consists of highly qualified individuals and organisations who freely give their time, voice, influence and resources with a view to bringing about positive and lasting change at every level of society for the benefit of all people, particularly those who are disadvantaged through poverty.

Outpouring Ministries

An organization that exists to make a difference in a world full of desperate need.

Since 1993, Outpouring Ministries has been involved in a variety of projects in developing nations, ranging from feeding the poor, educating the young, and providing fresh-water wells, through to Festivals of Prayer where tens of thousands of powerful miracles of healing and deliverance have taken place.


In 2017, Outpouring Ministries was registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) of the Australian Government under the business registration number (ABN) 20617440570.


Sanctuary Supernatural Discipleship School

SSDS was the forerunner school of ministry to Global Influencers.


Whereas Global Influencers focuses on the transformation of nations from grassroots to the government, SSDS focuses on developing the inward call and character. This is vital for the success of our “outward” call, which will fail without consistent, “upwards” devotion and “inward” surrender.

Global RestoreNet

Our global prayer network.

We place an extremely high value on Spirit-led, prophetic prayer and worship. Our global prayer network consists of both individual intercessors and also other like-hearted prayer networks who share our core values.


If you want to stand with us in prayer, or if you would like to submit a prayer request, please send an enquiry below, and we will contact you.

Global Influencers Invest

Investment branch of Outpouring Ministries.


It combines Kingdom Financial Strategies that will allow investors to engage
and leverage their capital to make a positive difference in every nation.

This is a large vision, and we are looking for qualified people to partner with us.
If you have the expertise and a Divine call in this area, please send an enquiry below and we will contact you.

Global Influencers PNG Branch

Global Influencers partner centre.

The Gamogagolo Worship and Ministry Training Centre is located in Central Province of Papua New Guinea. GWTTC hosts meetings that are well attended by people from all over the local district, and also from Port Moresby and other parts of PNG.

This is a vibrant multi-denominational community that is impacting a wide region with Kingdom culture, supernatural signs and wonders, and real and lasting change at every level of society.

Global Development Group (Partner)

Partner for Project J1025N (Safe House Sunderban).

Global Development Group is an Australian NGO approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs to carry out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and provide aid to relieve poverty and ensure long term solutions.

Global Development Group takes the responsibility for the project according to OAGDS guidelines providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring and evaluating to ensure the projects are carried out to OAGDS requirements.

Kingdom Principles

Be equipped and empowered. Activate your vision, mission, metron, and ministry.


Global Influencers

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